Statewide CQI System

The CDPHE EMTS Section has funded 9 of the 11 RETACs in Colorado for the purpose of designing Regional CQI and Regional Medical Collaboration. The Program provides for all of our RETAC’s Prehospital Agency Medical Directors to work together with the Mile-High Medical Directors to explore ways to look at QI and prehospital issues throughout the two regions.

What does this mean for you and the RETAC?

  • The first thing to remember is that the QI Process will NOT identify individual

    • All data will be de-identified and will not “Point Fingers” at individual agencies.
  • No Individual Physician will run this program!
    • A GROUP of Docs from our RETAC that includes Dr Peter Vellman, Dr Todd Dorfman, and Dr Jeff Beckman will invite ALL agency Medical Directors to participate. There is no “Authority” in this program to replace the individual agencies and their Medical Directors relationships. We hope it will provide the Docs and the agencies a forum for improving patient care through data!
  • Each Agency will receive reports. Reports can be designed to specifications

Would you like to know how your agency (de-identified to others) compares with others for things such as:

  • IV success rates
  • Intubation success rates
  • Medication Protocols and success rates
  • Innovative ideas for patient care
  • Etc

The Vision for a Statewide/RETAC CQI System

Our vision would include all of our prehospital providers, facilities, CDPHE, SEMTAC, and of course our RETAC. It is currently seen as a circular system with patient data and information flowing from a top down (CDPHE) to the Providers, and from the bottom (Agencies and facilities) up with the RETACs acting as the funnel and regional

Want to get involved? Visit our committee page for more information.