Goal Statement

Establish and maintain Foothills RETAC specific projects, research, Regional QM Programs, and act as a resource for regional education offerings.


The Foothills RETAC Clinical Care Committee is a dedicated group of individuals representing all disciplines within an EMTS system. They represent healthcare facilities, prehospital agencies, public health, and counties. They are committed to improving patient care through evidence-based medicine.


Objective 1:

Evaluate EMTS educational needs within the Foothills RETAC and collaborate with all stakeholders to offer needed education.

Objective 2:

Maintain our Regional Medical Direction/Collaboration program with Mile-High RETAC

Objective 3:

Continue to support the state and regional efforts in cardiac related programs.

RMD Program

Regional Medical Direction is an essential part of the EMTS system. The Foothills and Mile-High RETACs have joined together to support the RMD program. Our RETAC has 4 Physicians that represent our region in all things prehospital. This includes standard protocols, regional benchmarking, and Ground Ambulance concerns. It is an effective group that works within the Denver Metro Physicians group that welcomes our “non-metro” agencies.


The Clinical Care Committee also oversees all types of emergency medial education with a diverse group of partners. Just recently, we hosted a pediatric mini-conference with Children’s Hospital held at St Anthony and Good Samaritan. We have also provided Trauma education to our facilities and prehospital agencies.


The Foothills RETAC Clinical Care Committee continues to stay up to date with research affecting the EMTS system. We were the first in the state to publish a research project conducted over 3 years to address spinal immobilization.

We also continue to look at research possibilities within the region and work together to affect evidence-based changes.

Destination Policies

The Clinical Care Committee is also responsible for developing the regional Prehospital Destination Policies for our area. You can obtain a copy at the link below. The entire premise for Colorado’s Trauma System was to get the right patient to the right place at the right time. We are currently looking at an additional policy for traumatic amputations and burns utilizing the most current standards.

Our Facilities

Not only does the Foothills RETAC have 26 EMS agencies within our boundaries along with 64 Fire departments, but we also have 10 medical facilities that work with the RETAC with all our efforts! They are an amazing group to work with and work together no matter their own hospital system. They are an essential core with all our committees, and especially the Clinical Care Committee.