The Foothills RETAC: Regional Emergency Medical & Trauma Advisory Council

The Foothills RETAC is a non-profit Medical & Trauma Advisory Council serving Boulder, Clear Creek, Gilpin, Grand, & Jefferson counties in the beautiful state of Colorado.

The Foothills RETAC was created in 1997 to serve as a planning and advisory council to serve the medical and trauma needs of the region. The members are appointed to their positions by their respective County Commissioners.

The RETACs were initiated after Colorado formed the Colorado Trauma System. The Foothills RETAC is one of 11 RETACs within our state.

We hope you’ll find this website very informative and helpful. You can find out more information on our plans, goals and objectives on our homepage, and please remember to take care and be safe out there.

You may also be interested in viewing our Biennial plan available here

Our Mission: To create, enhance, and promote a systematic approach to the care of the ill or injured through quality improvement, injury prevention, disaster planning, and coordination of partners in the healthcare continuum.