Chair:  Grace Greathouse RN:  Outreach and Injury Prevention Coordinator:  Good Samaritan Medical Center

Co-Chair: Kasandra Dickerson RN: Trauma Program Manager: Longmont United Hospital

Let’s Talk Injury Prevention!

  • IP Committee established in 2010 (Meet Monthly)
  • Amazing Participation from all 10 Hospitals!
  • EMS/Fire participation and Advocacy
  • PH participation as applicable
  • Independent IP Groups as applicable

How We Fund Our Programs

  • Dedicate at least $2,000 per year toward our Injury Prevention Budget.
  • This can be less or more depending on need
  • Have received EMS Provider Grant funding and System Improvement funding for two special projects
  • Private Grants
  • As you’ll see, it’s never quite enough!

Our Activities

  • ThinkFirst Chapters and Activities
  • Helmet Programs to decrease Head injuries
  • Stop the Bleed Program
  • Mugs for Rugs Program
  • AAA Insurance Program to fund Teen Diving Education
  • Just not enough Funding to do more
  • Helmet Distribution
    • Have distributed helmets to kids as we can over the last 13 years
    • Current: Last year we distributed 875 Helmets to kids
    • Given out to all 10 facilities
    • Given out to 5 EMS agencies
    • Methods for Distribution:  Bike Fairs, Law Enforcement, Bike Rodeos, Safety Fairs, and ThinkFirst activities

Our Other Programs

Our other Injury Prevention activities include many activities related to ThinkFirst, Stop the Bleed, and Teen Driving Scholarships made possible though a grant from AAA insurance.




Valorie Peaslee: val.peaslee@outlook.com