FRETAC Mini Grants

Competitive Mini Grants

The Foothills RETAC Mini-Grant cycle for this year is now closed. The grant guidelines are available by clicking the button below.

Scoring will take place on November 15th at St Anthony Hospital Conference Room E-G.

 We will set aside time for each grant request for hearings/scoring that day. We will contact you about hearing times when we get a complete list of requests.

PLEASE read the guidelines and Q&A Section carefully for signature and sending requirements.

Also, please keep in mind that we only have $25,000 to give out. Applicants should keep this in mind. Our average grant request is for approximately $2,000-$3,000.

This year’s Mini-Grant award recipients are:

  • Timberline FPD
  • Inter-Canyon FPD
  • Grand County EMS
  • Evergreen 1 – Tony
  • Evergreen 2 – Annie
  • Nederland Fire

County Mini Grants

Each year a letter is sent to each set of our county commissioners. The letter states that $5,000 is available to them for “Basic EMS Needs”. It is up to each set of commissioners as to how the funds are spent and who will decide where the funds go. This is also a reimbursement process now. The RETAC retains copies of all County Expenditures.

Other Grants

Colorado Rural Health Grant Program

The Colorado Rural Health Program has very specific grants available for RURAL EMS agencies. The RETAC has received numerous AEDs through this grant and will receive 3 more this year. Their website can be found at:

CREATE Education Grants

Educational Grants can be obtained through the CDPHE Educational Grant called CREATE. Please visit their website at:

C-DOT Occupant Safety Grant

This year (2016) we will receive up to $45,000 from C-DOT to address Teen Driving within the RETAC. We’re really excited about this new project.