Where is the Trip Report? It’s an age-old problem…

This issue has probably been talked about since the first ambulances dropped off the first patients within EMS. The “Trip Reports”, now called “PCRs”, go missing.

The Foothills RETAC is charged with trying to make our EMTS systems better in many ways. In an effort to address one of these issues, we started a project about two years ago to identify the issues related to the subject of missing PCRs.

We realized very quickly that there a multitude of reasons why a PCR may not be with the patient or chart. The agency may be changing over to electronic charting, or the agency may get called to another run before the PCR is complete. Maybe the report got “lost” in limbo somewhere in the ED or other areas of the facility. These are just a few of the reasons.


How the PPCR was Developed

The FRETAC Clinical Care Committee met with our Medical Advisors to address the issue and get their opinions on this important subject. Many options for improving the situation were discussed. Everyone agreed that the PCR and the information it contains is essential for good patient care. So what could we do about it?

The Clinical Care Committee is comprised of many disciplines within the EMTS community. There were private EMS agencies, Fire EMS agencies, county EMS, and all sizes of Health Care Facilities present for these discussions. Through a long process of research, development, and networking within the RETAC, a consensus was reached and the PPCR was produced in its final form.

The PPCR is a document that is intended for use by EMS agencies when they cannot leave the full PCR when a patient is left at the facility. This does not always take care of the issue of the missing PCR, but will give the physicians, nurses, and staff at the receiving facility the basic information they need for good patient care.

The PPCR was intended to take less that 3 minutes of the EMT’s time to fill out. It has basic information that the EMT will need for the full PCR, and can many times be filled out while still transporting the patient. Some of our agencies that use electronic charting say it has actually made their life easier since they use the form en route as a cheat sheet.

You can download the form by clicking on the word PPCR anywhere on this page. That will give you an electronic copy. All of the FRETAC facilities have tablets of the forms in the EDs also. More tablets of 50 each are available through the RETAC Coordinator if you would like those.

Please take a close look at the form, but also download the Guidelines for Use on this page. It explains in more detail how and when to use the form.

The RETAC will reevaluate the form in about 6 months. Please send us any comments you have regarding their use. Tell us what you liked or what didn’t work for you.

For any questions regarding the form or its use, please contact the RETAC Coordinator.